Go bare Or Go Crashing

Mesdemoiselles, do you know that:
  • hair conditioner bottle must be close immediately upon use to keep it effective?
  • skin care products in pots/(round) cream containers accumulate more bacteria? that you're better off using the ones in tube, pump dispenser & atomizer?
  • lipsticks must look good on you when you absolutely have no makeup on?
  • applying makeup while driving is absolutely the most shallow thing you can ever do?

I don't know about you but I rather go to my destination fabulously late than get a ticket for reckless driving or worst, end up in the ER.

In the latest Top Gear episode (Season 18 HOORAH!), the ever amusing hosts talked about things they can't do while driving. I know one thing's for sure: They can not apply make-up while they're behind wheels. Males may be the fairer sex but they can't be the "fairest". They just can't...not when they're driving.

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