Riding Cars With Tots

Let's face it, driving along Metro Manila is not charming, especially when you're driving with a toddler. I Spy game doesn't work here: I spy a man spitting, I spy a little girl asking for alms with his big fat mother (annoys me every time), I spy half naked men/women on billboards. I spy lies. You can save the I spy game elsewhere as

For reference of my slogan *chuckles*

So what to do? A few suggestions:

Ipad apps that have worked so far without totally annoying us. First being the most played:

 Fong! Sticker by Samsung Pub Ltd. 

Toddler Song by Samsung Pub Ltd


 Neon Sketch

These apps are for pure entertainment. To keep things light while the Manila traffic is getting heavy. Chances are, the kid will get dizzy & snooze.

No ipad? No worries:

  • Play the Silent Game. The one who stays silent the longest wins. 1 2 3! Noone makes a sound... 
  • Find me a color. Find me 3 red SUV, you get a price (his price, your decision)
  • The I'm Thinking Game. I'm thinking of something square, soft, well you know the drill.
  • Compile theme songs of his fave cartoons e.g. Life Is A Highway by Rascal Flatts from the movie Cars. No ABCs & 123s. Something you can actually enjoy singing with him.
Happy drive! Bonne conduite!

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