On Rare Cases

Looking at this picture, I prefer nature's horsepower over mankind's hyper horsepower.


Defying Time

Meet the most beautiful madam. The wrinkles & veins have been (slowly) creeping over the 58 year old Christie Brinkley. Yet her radiant beauty can be considered as a miracle for her age.

pictures taken 2011-2012

Meet the most expensive auctioned Mercedes-Benz 300SL. The half a century old alloy automobile with its drabby seat cover fetched a cool $4.62 million.

They are proofs of pure beauty and elegance that can't be taken away by time... nor bad taste.

This Gullwing Coupe made me appreciate more one of my favorite bag which I found in men's department. Oh, how I dislike the fabric lining! But whenever I peep into the bag, it always reminds me of one of my favorite automobile. Then I feel better. Ouf!


In Full Bloom

Rim designers should definitely stop & look at flowers (it seems some of them had done so). These girls in frilly colorful skirts should be a good source of inspiration ;) Smelling is unneccesary.


Kia Rover

As recently found out, Range Rover Evoque is UK's 2011 car of the year. & Mrs. Victoria Beckham is Top Gear's woman of the year. She collaborated with the brand for designing the interior of the special edition Evoque.

J'adore Mrs. Beckham. Her design is as classy as she is. & my love for Range Rover since I was in the 6th grade hasn't changed. But the Evoque just lacks originality.

Kia Soul  +  Kia Sorento =  Range Rover Evoque

Kia Soul was the first vehicle (2010) to have the downward slanting roof (oui, slants upward if you were in the backseat). All Kia models don't have big headroom which make their cars look small compare to other brands. Their reasoning is simple: humans don't have big noggin therefore a car doesn't need a big headroom. Point taken. Unless of course you are going to stand up inside as you were in a bus or you are going to put things in the cabin as you were in a plane. But we aren't going to that, are we?