I Call It Furnivroom

How about these seats?

oh hyper sympa!
and these tables?

and for the loo perhaps?

holy shift!

Of course, the show that made furnivroom extra cool. 


Toddler's Plastic Automobiles

Here are 2 of my favorite brands:
Tolo. According to their website: "Tolo Toys are predominantly made from ABS plastic which is phthalate free and where PVC is present, you can rest assured that it is phthalate free PVC." Made of very hard plastic. Watch out for flying Tolo toys your way!

Playmobil. Made in Germany. Uses ABS plastic. No recalls since 1982. Only a few parts, less than 1 percent of the complete range of toys, are sourced from high-quality, long-term Chinese production partners. Lighter than Tolo. It won't be as painful when you're accidentally hit!

Toys available @ Hobbes & Landes. I'm not a fan of 'eco' propagandas but when it comes to my child's safety on whatever he put in his mouth, it's a different story. It's simply called common sense, dahlin'. 


Wee Wheels

A bit pricey but these classic wooden toys are truly durable, collectable and non-toxic therefore are very safe for teething. Locally available at Hobbes & Landes, Rustan's and Toys R Us stores.



Melissa & Doug

Plan Toys

*This isn't a sponsored entry. I'm a mother of a four year old =)


Vive La Mère

Gift ideas for mom:
You say it's vanity, we say it's for our sanity!
1. Mac ViVa Glam Gaga lipstick because it fits most skin color.
2. Skindinavian make up setting spray because it keeps the make up last a looong time. No build-up & clumping in fine lines, wrinkles & pores. No re-application. Think hairspray for the hair; make up setting spray for the face. 
3. Nars rouge because it's simply THE best blusher out there. Period.

I won't suggest a perfume because a person's (signature) scent must not be shared. What you must know though: shopping for perfume is best during morning because it's when our olfaction works better, you don't really need coffee beans to rest your nose in between sniffing, just cover your nose with an unscented handkerchief or scarf & the best way to wear eau de parfum is to do the cloud method: spray in front of you then walk into it. 

For the freethinking new moms. 2012's most controversial parenting book. 
available in Fully Booked P999 hardcover

It's not all about lingeries. Don't neglect the house clothes- mothers daily survival outfit! A petrolhead mom will appreciate. The bad photo makes these utterly cheap looking. Visit the boutique : Plain and Prints: Top (L): P995 & Frock (R): P1995 both in aqua color. Taking a second glance, it look like one of the nanny's uniform. Oh shoot! Nevermind!

2012 Mother's Day automobile gift choices (SUVs):

Honda CRV

KIA Sportage

Chrysler Town & Contry (for when she'd always prefer to have a chauffeur)

A personalized card with a little humour

Remember just because she loves you, it doesn't mean you can just do or give whatever. Lavish her.


Live Curious

It's been like 2 years or so, I wonder if noone has ever told Mini Cooper Manila that every night, they're advertising the Nat Geo channel instead....

May I suggest a blue light?  There's a traffic light at the corner, you wouldn't want to distract the motorists with another red or green light.

You're welcome.


Befitting Muses

If all the models in auto shows were always as beautiful & modest as these mesdemoiselles, one can understand when a guy jokes: "does the girl come with the car?"

Oh they really make the cars  look classier!

It seems that one must travel across the globe to attend a proper auto show event. I want to include Asian models but I didn't find a decent photo. What a shame! Feel free to send me: chicspeed@gmail.com

Remember no in-your-face inapproriate photo.


No Boys Allowed?

Why are auto shows only have female models?

And if you were to put a pair of the opposite sex:

On a serious note: the scantily dressed gals only attract teenage boys and younger men who generally can't afford a car yet. If auto dealers put a proper good-looking pair of male and female models, there will be more customers who will visit the auto show events & take it seriously. Let us imagine what it'll be like to be in your vehicle, not just with a lovahh but also with our families, with our friends or with our colleagues.


The Pink Feline

I like a few shades of pink. I love cats. Together you get the Pink Panther and Hello Kitty. I never liked both. I don't hate it though. I'm impress how very dedicated the Hello Kitty fans are. They even have an airplane now.

Taiwan's Eva Air Hello Kitty Boeing 777 

I thought the Sanrio kitten will be stout & cuddly in "person"

As I grow old(er), I'm getting less & less inclined to gravitate toward cute things. But these Hello Kitty car merchandise are just too cute & tidy:

Pull a trick! Replace the lock of a guy's car door entry 

Available in Japan for $33

Neat, no? I won't purchase. But I think Agip's hello kitty can is a collector's item. It's the total opposite of their usual testosterone-filled design.



Because hybrid cars and Earth Hour are for fame whores & pretentious people.

So, let's not go through too much trouble with these silly 'eco' inventions, 'eco' innovations & 'eco' movements. The power being consumed to create these "eco-friendlies" are not "eco-friendly" from the very beginning, anyway.

THE solution: Using & taking care of the resources we already have for millions of years is what each one of us must do: Plant trees; Dispose of waste properly; Keep our water resources clean. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3! So who says it's not easy being green? Only a fairy tale princess who will listen to a frog and kiss it.

my sentiments precisely

How about this for a future?