Vive La Mère

Gift ideas for mom:
You say it's vanity, we say it's for our sanity!
1. Mac ViVa Glam Gaga lipstick because it fits most skin color.
2. Skindinavian make up setting spray because it keeps the make up last a looong time. No build-up & clumping in fine lines, wrinkles & pores. No re-application. Think hairspray for the hair; make up setting spray for the face. 
3. Nars rouge because it's simply THE best blusher out there. Period.

I won't suggest a perfume because a person's (signature) scent must not be shared. What you must know though: shopping for perfume is best during morning because it's when our olfaction works better, you don't really need coffee beans to rest your nose in between sniffing, just cover your nose with an unscented handkerchief or scarf & the best way to wear eau de parfum is to do the cloud method: spray in front of you then walk into it. 

For the freethinking new moms. 2012's most controversial parenting book. 
available in Fully Booked P999 hardcover

It's not all about lingeries. Don't neglect the house clothes- mothers daily survival outfit! A petrolhead mom will appreciate. The bad photo makes these utterly cheap looking. Visit the boutique : Plain and Prints: Top (L): P995 & Frock (R): P1995 both in aqua color. Taking a second glance, it look like one of the nanny's uniform. Oh shoot! Nevermind!

2012 Mother's Day automobile gift choices (SUVs):

Honda CRV

KIA Sportage

Chrysler Town & Contry (for when she'd always prefer to have a chauffeur)

A personalized card with a little humour

Remember just because she loves you, it doesn't mean you can just do or give whatever. Lavish her.

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  1. Yes! As long as I can't afford Range Rover, CRV is the best value mommy car there is. The fact that you can open back door in a 90 degree angle is priceless when strapping bebe in the carseat.