Toddler's Plastic Automobiles

Here are 2 of my favorite brands:
Tolo. According to their website: "Tolo Toys are predominantly made from ABS plastic which is phthalate free and where PVC is present, you can rest assured that it is phthalate free PVC." Made of very hard plastic. Watch out for flying Tolo toys your way!

Playmobil. Made in Germany. Uses ABS plastic. No recalls since 1982. Only a few parts, less than 1 percent of the complete range of toys, are sourced from high-quality, long-term Chinese production partners. Lighter than Tolo. It won't be as painful when you're accidentally hit!

Toys available @ Hobbes & Landes. I'm not a fan of 'eco' propagandas but when it comes to my child's safety on whatever he put in his mouth, it's a different story. It's simply called common sense, dahlin'. 

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