The Pink Feline

I like a few shades of pink. I love cats. Together you get the Pink Panther and Hello Kitty. I never liked both. I don't hate it though. I'm impress how very dedicated the Hello Kitty fans are. They even have an airplane now.

Taiwan's Eva Air Hello Kitty Boeing 777 

I thought the Sanrio kitten will be stout & cuddly in "person"

As I grow old(er), I'm getting less & less inclined to gravitate toward cute things. But these Hello Kitty car merchandise are just too cute & tidy:

Pull a trick! Replace the lock of a guy's car door entry 

Available in Japan for $33

Neat, no? I won't purchase. But I think Agip's hello kitty can is a collector's item. It's the total opposite of their usual testosterone-filled design.

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