So Long, EDSA

Last year, car market was terribly affected among other industries due to lack of government projects. Quel dommage. I wouldn't go political. Not here.

Anyways, there is a plan constructing an expressway (freeway) connecting SLEx & NLEx. How smart is that? It's too smart that it's probably the smartest thing we've heard from the government in years. That is, if Mr. President OK'ed the project, we can only hope. We can also hope that it'll be as good as SCTEx. By the time Mr. President has done his term, he can finally enjoy whatever supercar or hypercar he'll drive in that new expressway & not give a damn what's to be printed in the newspaper.

I can already envision the locals buying more supercars, smiling as if they're in German Autobahn knowing they are no longer to pass through EDSA. You see in EDSA, the traffic isn't the only problem. You are to deal with the torturous highway. Doing 30mph or less is necessary otherwise you'll break a bone or simply go insane. And I am not exaggerating.

With that project proposal in mind, let me imagine that this weekend I'd be driving a Mulsanne in a sunny tropical afternoon. And beam from point A to point B....wwwweeeeeeeee!!!

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