The Last Action Hero

It seems heroism has been forgotten in this country. Even the make-believe industry of entertainment has forgotten it. In fact, the only thing they can do for an action movie comeback was to 're-create' an old film that has been revived repeatedly & made the latest version still looking like it was produced from the last century. People who have missed the genre from local films openly welcomed a retired old timer (who's always been a villain) to do the lead part because they know there's no one else to portrait the part. Quel dommage! Maybe the show business has finally succumbed to Hollywood. It can't compete.

Original film 1961                                        December 2011

Same goes with Philippines' automobile industry. After the Toyota Tamarraw FX hit the road and changed (most) commuters life forever, no vehicle has become a hero yet. If one can't afford to take a cab, the FX will save you from the sweltering heat, the smoke, the dust, the noise you are to endure riding a jeepney or a tricycle. I'm more than happy to see other xuvs & vans followed its lead. But I'm hoping the Tamarraw FX will not be the last action hero on the road.

Besides, there are not enough trains to surrender to.

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