Toyota vs. Toyota

I believe if you like the safest car choice, you go to a Toyota dealer. You're not gonna go wrong with a Toyota. Among your local peers, they most likely own one or two, even more. If you need something from a car, Toyota has the car for you. But, if you WANT something from a car, you look at other brands.

The other day, I overheard someone, a mother who's in 'need' of a people carrier. Her brand of choice: a Toyota (not a suprise). Torn between a Hiace GL Grandia & an Alphard. 

These two shouldn't be compared. But then, you can only compare a Toyota to another Toyota. Otherwise, it seems unfair. She's eyeing the GL Grandia as it's more spacious. More people, more stuffs, 'homey', she continued. I'm guessing it's also because in Metro Manila, it's a popular car of choice, just like its brother Fortuner. But the thing is, here's a madame who's not bothered by all the bells and whistles the other car brands are offering & now, she's also to put herself (& her family) in a giant moving fridge while on the road? Oh mon dieu!

I'm hoping she ends up with an Alphard. It's a bit modern. It looks like a car & it feels like a car. When you want to feel at home, then don't get in a vehicle, stay home. It is a minivan with no stunning exterior beauty. But it gives its passengers a comfortable ride to their destination with a little touch of luxury, without looking like they have just stepped out of a giant 80's refrigerator. 

Whichever she choose, one thing is for sure, the dealer's happy. As I said, it's a competition only between Toyotas.

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