These Old Men

I'm not saying that I don't have an eye for Ferraris. I do. But I think if it is not vintage then you should leave the new ones to the trust-fund kids. Now on the other hand, the vintage Ferraris ahhh...it's a totally different affair.

Ferraris are like men. The older they get, the classier they become, the sexier they look. Even with a keg belly. Most men will not have THE character until they hit their prime, at the time we mesdemoiselles start expiring *pouts*

Now that I have stated my amour to These Old Men, you can imagine how heartbreaking the following pictures to me. Somehow it's like real life, a young babe breaking the poor old rich monsieur's heart.

As in real life, there are few exceptions. Men who are of character even when they're young. A Ferrari Enzo will surely be more valuable in time. & right now, it's like the David Beckham of automobiles. And if Mrs. Beckham file for divorce ( knock on wood), it'll be like seeing this car:


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