Rated R

...for Road Rage. Who hasn't experience it? Here are 3 tricks that you SHOULD NOT do but CAN....to deal with the b*st*rd on the road.

1. Briefly drive as if you're drunk ( ONLY if you trust your driving skill). Bottle not needed. Make sure the knob head will be able to watch your pretend drunk driving. & everyone else who has seen your 'loony' moment will smartly back away. We all know that every one avoids a conducteur ivre...a drunk driver.

2. Pretend you're not to looking. It's a trick we got from our chauffeur who was a lorry driver for years. According to him you pretend not seeing the other car, so you look at the other direction. Most will stop and give way.

3. Print & cut out (big enough for the other driver to see). Keep within reach.

Of course, the best defense is just let it go, knowing if everyone played it safe, life will be boring.

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