"for everybody knows that cars are not exactly tame"

It's an excerpt from this amazing collection of travelling songs. And boy, do I like that line! Parents, if your toddlers love transportation, I recommend the cd to you. I'm glad to have found this gem in a pile of unorganized cd shelf @ Fully Booked.

  • 19 songs of non-irritating melodies about a car, lorry, train, ship, boat, plane, bicycles & even a spacecraft
  • The voices weren't TOO jolly like in most modern children's music that sounds fake (i.e. forced happiness)
  • Even the rhyme is suprisingly inviting. I found myself participating which is a big deal.
More excerpts & artworks of my 3 year old & um, myself (he wouldn't draw tonight):

"the little blue train goes chuff chuff chuff, chuff chuff all day long
all day long the passengers sing chuff chuff chuff, ting-a-ling-ling"

"try and climb on the front seat
 try & climb on the back seat
 turn your keys, step on the start
 to take you riding in my car"

"down @ the garage early in the morning
see the big lorries standing in a row
see the lorry driver loading up the boxes
broom broom broom & off we go"
(yup, this one isn't a lorry)

"3 little men in a flying saucer
flew around the world 1 day
they looked left & right, but they didn't like the sight
So one man flew away"

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