Snooty Showroom

  • Not yet open for business
  • No cars
  • Tinted glasses
  • Basically just a square with a sign for what the space will be & its logo

Last night my partner wanted to take a picture of our toddler OUTSIDE the Lamborghini Manila showroom. He was approached by the security guard & was told that picture taking is not allowed. HUH?? WHAT?? It's either the security guard is misinform or the owner forgets that bit of business advertising knowledge. Made me wonder if it's an official Lamborghini dealership. It uses Manila, so perhaps it is, who knows... (I could find out but I don't care that much.) What I do know, there are showrooms who don't allow pictures while you're INSIDE, which is perfectly understandable. But no picture taking of/ at the facade? Really?? The next day, I took a picture anyways (blog purpose). And (as shown above) saw a person guarding the empty showroom from the 'snap snap' people.

Another father & son. Wonder if they were able to take a pic. I didn't see the guard as we passed by lunch time.

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