Sometimes All You Need Is A Sticker

Recently, Mr. Jeremy Clarkson came to a decision to buy his daughter a Ford Fiesta for her first car. It brings me back to the first vehicle I was taught to drive in- a Daihatsu Hijet van!

In the film Initial D, Takumi learnt to drive skillfully quick to deliver tofu in time. At 16 years old, I was expected to learn to move the loaf bread machine for our fiberglass business. Needless to say, I wasn't inspired. I hit a big pile of sand.

It also brings me to this vehicle...

Last year, I noticed the amount of pimped Nissan Cube in a youngsters car show. (Okay, judgemental people, we were there because we wanted to check if it's toddler-friendly.) I wondered if the kids actually chose (WHY?!!) to be with the midget Range Rover-ish or simply a car their parents gave them. If the latter, gosh, I never felt grateful with my loaf bread. At least my Daihatsu was meant for something and it's productive. But that Nissan? Maybe they just embraced the funny-looking cube and pimped it accordingly. Tell you what? If you have an ugly car. Save the customization money. All you need is to stick this to your windshield and you'll get everybody's sympathy.

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