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An employee inside the bulletproof vehicle of his boss: "Sir, those men are throwing rocks at us!!!" (Sir, binabato tayo!)
The boss calmly responded: "Those are bullets. They're shooting us."
True Story.

In other countries, there are magazines publish exclusively for selling luxury cars. In Philippines, you can simply see the ads on this humble website Sulit PH

Locally-purchased Lamborghini base price is P19M ( PH peso). So don't believe that someone saying he got his 'basic' lambo for P44M. Horseshitter. Aventador will cost you around P30M. Oui, we overprice every thing here.


Mr. Luca Cordero di Montezemolo (Ferrari chairman amongst other things, kids) a.k.a the uncrowned king of Italy doesn't do bodyguards. So why should you? Bringing those men while you're shopping for clothes is taking it too far. Even the ampatuan clan doesn't do such exaggeration (their men wait outside.). You must start feeling ashame now.


Are you a fan of Evian facial spray? Buy their bottled water instead. You are basically paying extra for the can. & get a Muji atomizer. Simply because their products work very well than the cheap ones. Facial spray is effective on keeping you awake in traffic.


A well-laid timber wood floor is BETTER for the planet than driving a hybrid car.

Plus, you're more prone to running over a pedestrian as they can't hear your car coming. X the hybrid.

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